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When it comes to hot MILF and teen combos, this dynamic duo with Brandi Love and Lia Lor is a winner. They come together in this MILFs Bang Teens episode titled, Soothing Sensation. We start off by getting a great look at the amazingly athletic and tight ass of Brandi Love. From there we get a good view of that slim and trim teen pussy of Lia Lor's. When Brandi hears that Lia's BF isn't fully satisfies, she decides to intervene to show them the best way to have sex.

First Brandi shows Lia the proper way to suck a cock and deep throat. After Lia shows some prowess, it's time to move onto the sex. Brandi decides to get on top to Lia the proper way to ride a cock. Lia learns quick and shows off skills of her own. From there it was an all out sex orgy threesome Brandi Love and Lia Lor sandwiching this lucky guy. If only that was you. Oh, well. While you may not have that experience anytime, you can watch it here anytime you want for free, so ENJOY!

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